Comic Reviews for the Week of 12-07-11

Written on Fri, Dec 9, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reviews for 11-23-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

And yes, there is only review this week. I had an amazingly small buy pile. Enjoy.

Spoilers ahead

-Voltron #1

I have to start this review with the confession that I have very little memory of Voltron from my childhood. Much like the older Dr Who episodes and Robotech when it was on air over hear, this is something far better remembered by my 4 year older brother. I remember its existence and loved whenever I saw toys for a robot with lion mouths for hands.

So going into the first issue of Voltron I’m pretty much going in with a clean slate. It gave me everything I wanted but still left me feeling incomplete. The issues does give us a giant robot fighting giant monsters. We get people fleeing while the heroes fight off smaller ground troops. We even get some flashback scenes about who the villain is and where he came from dating all the way back to 2006. I just got this same feeling I’ve had with so many of the first issues I’ve read these past few months. We jumped into the action but I feel like we need better explanations for those who haven’t been on this ride yet. The story is compelling but I want to understand why it’s happening as well.

As for the art of the issue I is good quality but the Robot fight panels are cropped just a little too close. The action is there but I found myself re-reading it 3 times just so I could make sure I correctly identified what was happening in each panel. Overall certain worth a try if you had a light week but I’m thinking the first trade as a whole will be worth everyone’s time.

Grade: Borrow It


Action Comics #4

Action Comics continues its story of the assault on Metropolis now with Steel stepping up to help the good guys. The main story focuses on Superman fighting robot after progressively stronger robot. The situation is definitely getting more out of control. We have rampaging robots stampeding out of every factory in Metropolis and not only are they fighting people they are ‘retrieving historical artifacts’. There are a few panels that make it near undeniable that  Brainiac is the force behind them, and not only is he stealing a city again but he’s taking anything of historical worth.

The main story ends with General Sam Lane begging Superman to save Lois who was in section of Metropolis that was shrunk and bottled. Afterwards we get the new backup feature that focuses on the Steel vs Metallo fight that began in the main story. I’ve been hesitant about reading another backup since I have few fond memories about the last time these popped up (Manhunter and The Question were as good as they got). The whole thing was obviously well planned and worded for a nice addition that I hope sticks around.

Grade: Buy It

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