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Written on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: Comics are graded on a scale of ‘Buy It’,’Borrow It’ and ‘Drop It’.

Spoilers below



Batwoman #5

There are some many things I already enjoy about this series it’s almost hard to believe it’s added another. J.H. Williams III has handled this series and story amazingly since Greg Rucka departed. The art and page layouts Williams has put out have also been some of my favorites of 2011. Now we have a twist in events that I hadn’t expected and am looking forward to. After foiling the ghostly villain snatching up Gotham’s children, Batwoman is blackmailed into working for the DEO (Department of Extrahuman Operations) by Director Bones. As a fan of the cancelled Manhunter series, this promises some great moments and changes from the usual Bat books.

Speaking of joining the DEO, I just want to say how relieved I was that things panned out that way. With conflicting offers from Bones and Batman I was pretty sure Bruce would be the logical choice, but I think this is going to turn out so much more entertaining. Batwoman is working for someone who is going to absolutely use her against Batman and try to determine his identity. Bones also has enough to use against Batwoman that she is very much going to have to make hard choices about how far she will go to protect herself and those she loves against the law.

Grade Buy It


Secret Avengers #21

The last issue of Warren Ellis’ run on Secret Avengers is a satisfying story but ultimately bittersweet. I say that because we don’t get the closure I was hoping for. We do get a well told story about the Shadow Council attempting to free cryogenically from Human/ otherworld beings that vomit themselves bigger by tapping into more mass from other dimensions. We don’t get an ending to the ongoing conflict set by Ed Brubaker and continued by Warren Ellis, and we aren’t going to. With Rick Remender taking over next issue he’s already stated that he has his own plans for the team (which will feature big changes in the roster) and the villains (which will focus on his Adaptoids robots first introduced during his run on X-Factor). So a nearly 2 year long struggle with an organization that has included Cthulhu type monsters, time traving villains, interdimensional mining and living trucks running people down will end with a “meh, I’d rather do other stuff”.

Not to take away from how enjoyable this comic has been up until now, but knowing that it’s this easy to change directions and not follow through with an ending after 21 issues of build up does feel disappointing. I do hope someone gives us a final ending with the Secret Avengers facing the higher ranks of the Shadow Council, but from everything I see coming I just don’t think it’s in the cards.

Grade: This issue is Buy It, from here on Drop It


Ultimate X-Men #6

Things just keep getting worse for the mutants in the Ultimate universe. This issue opens with All the latest Sentinels attacking with reprogrammed orders from Stryker to kill all mutants and coordinates for every mutant in the country that’s to Quicksilver giving Cerebro to the White House just before the attack. Although it seems Quicksilver has made things worse for everyone he disappears in the confusion and we don’t know if this was part of his plan all along or if he’s cutting loses and making a run for it.

Iceman, Human Torch and Kitty Pride move as many mutant runaways as they can to the old Morlock tunnels where Rogue reveals that she’s not really following orders given to her by God, but by a still living Professor Xavier. This may or may not be a trick, and in light of my theory of the Scarlet Witch giving orders to Quicksilver perhaps being Apocalypse, I hope this Xavier is something similar.

The last interesting bit is that Rogue is trying to persuade every mutant to make their way to the mutant neutral nation of SEAR (Southeast Asia Republic) which I’m told is covered more in Ultimate Hawkeye. The idea of a single pro mutant/ powered human nation adds a surprising new power player along with The City lead by Reed Richards.

Grade Borrow It

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