Comic Reviews for 1-18-12

Written on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: Comics are graded on a scale of ‘Buy It’,’Borrow It’ and ‘Drop It’.

Spoilers below


Batman #5

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a depiction of someone going insane go so well. This issue follows Batman as he wanders the underground maze of the Court of Owls. He discovers multiple room with sinister meaning, a single water source that is certainly drugged and no way out. Not only does Bruce suffer but we readers are messed with as the page lout changes not once but twice where you end up reading the book upside down. This sort of thing is usually really confusing and unclear where to start, but this book makes it easier than most (super easy if you’ve read manga before).

Scott Snyder continues a great run in this issue. It takes a lot to make a new villain stick in the Batman universe but the Court of Owls shows real promise and originality. With the coming crossover event featuring them on the horizon I can’t wait for the next installment.

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Wonder Woman #5

It wasn’t until I saw other reviews that I even noticed the change in artist from Cliff Chiang to Tony Akins. As far as I can tell the styles between the two is very similar and it still holds the mood we’ve had until now. This issue gives us another illegitimate child of Zeus’ joininh Wonder Woman and Zoey. This time a man named Connelly who’s been around since World War 2. With no real provocation he begins assisting Wonder Woman and company.

Things are starting to ramp up in this issue as we see the introductions of Poseidon and what appears to be Hades. We see little of Hades other than someone with their face obstructed setting their 3 headed dog on Connelly, but since it happens after descending into a sewer, it seems a likely guess. Poseidon gets the far more interesting intro when he arrives as a giant crown wearing fish rather than the typical white guy with a white beard and a trident. Best yet is how Wonder Woman deals with his less than friendly arrival.

Instead of starting a fight or going at him head on she tells him that Hera (the goddess who turned every other Amazonian to stone last issue) is seizing Zeus’ power and coming for Poseidon. I read this seen three times over after I came to it, and at first I was shocked but then I really thought about it. Diana is a soldier/ warrior. She’s faced with multiple hostiles who are far more powerful than her. Sure Diana can take a centaur but a god is a tall order, so when you consider how distrusting and quick to irrational anger they always tend to be why wouldn’t you set them against each other? It’s a great tactical move plus considering one of these gods effectively killer her people it’s fair to expect some dirty fighting from here on out.

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DareDevil #8

Dare Devil just continues to be a fun book to read. This issues drops us right in the middle of Dare Devil and Spider Man teaming up to prove Black Cat was framed for a burglary. Instead of taking it from the beginning we start with a shot of an article/ headline catching us up on what’s going on cutting to the heroes in a destroyed basement with Spider Man getting electrocuted and everyone at each other’s throats. The scene also give us a fantastic moment of Dare Devil tussling with Black Cat and saying “Finally a woman I don’t trust.” I giggled out loud while reading that on a train. Yep.

The constant reminders of what Matt’s past was like and that things are different now keep coming up. With the recent interviews with Mark Waid it’s been said that will come back to bite Dare Devil on the ass, it still makes for the most fun book I get each month.

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