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Written on Fri, Jan 6, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: Comics are graded on a scale of ‘Buy It’,’Borrow It’ and ‘Drop It’.

Spoilers below

Action Comics #4

The latest issue for Action Comics takes a break from Metropolis being shrunk and taken by Brainiac (we all know it’s him) to give us more of Superman’s childhood. There’s follow up on the destruction of Krypton first. The artwork isn’t as exciting as our first glimpses by Gene Ha but it’s still impressive and answers a few questions. We find out that the rocket wasn’t originally built just for the baby but more as a model built in order to eventually approve a larger ship for more people. More interesting is that this wasn’t the first plan. Jor El originally wanted his whole family to hide in the phantom zone where they would be safe. Sadly this didn’t work out do to the Kryptonian super criminals already kept there. This even answers what the ‘ghost dog’ references have been about as we see Krypto leap into the portal to the phantom zone to keep any prisoners from getting out. From here we see young Kal El’s voyage though space eventually being discovered on earth and taken by the childless couple, the Kents. The backup furthers their story as we see their wedding and the following years of unable to conceive until they finally save enough money for in vitro fertilization that results in a miscarriage. All this leads up to them taking the last son of Krypton for their own, but there is a strange new addition to the story. As the army descends on the ship Jonathan returns with the mutated calf that was born on his farm as an ‘alien’ he discovered and if giving over to the army. This is a nice way to prevent anyone from investigating his son and explains that strange body Lex Luthor showed Superman a few issues ago.

This all seems a little to straight forward and this is a book by Grant Morrison so their needs to be something that throws us off. Inside Brainiac’s ship we see a shadowy group of villains stealing a kryptonite drive while talking about Superman’s origins as well as the fortress of Solitude and kryptonite. After stealing the drive and disappearing Superman dressed in his full armor costume arrive with members of the Legion of Superheroes only to find they are to late. Looks like this detour will be about telling stories and time travel theft.

Grade Borrow It


Avengers Annual #1

It really seems like Brian Michael Bendis likes villains to give press conferences. After Norman Osborn giving one a couple of weeks ago now we have Wonder Man giving one. This picks up straight from the New Avengers Annual of a few months ago. Apparently Wonder Man’s plan has been to beat the new Avengers, destroy Avengers Mansion then go to a press conference where he will talk about how terrible the Avengers are. I made a comment that it feels like Wonder Man is becoming the voice of unhappy fans much like Superboy Prime became the voice of whiney fans who want the silver age back at DC. This continues that feeling as Wonder Man lists off every atrocity that the Avengers allowed to happen; Ultron, Scarlet Witch, etc.

The one thing that does separate this from Osborn’s plan is what Wonder Man tells the public. Osborn wants everyone to trust him and give him authority instead, but Wonder Man is telling the world things that weren’t known. I’d actually forgot it’s not widely held knowledge that Hank Pym created Ultron, or that the Avenger’s knew from the beginning that Scarlet Witch created the mutant population crisis. There’s a fight in which the avengers take down Wonder Man and his team but the best part of the issue for me is the two pages of TV and news reporting about how the Avengers have kept all these things from the public for so long and have now imprisoned the person who brought it to the world’s attention without any trial. This all feels like the beginning of Civil War did with the public wanting more accountability from its heroes.

Grade (Grudgingly) Buy It

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