After Justice League: Doom

Written on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle


With the new release of ‘Justice League: Doom’ from DC Animated Direct out this week I thought it would be a good time to look at some animated stories I hope to see on their way. We’ve already had word that ‘Superman: Elite’ is going  to arrive next and word is that ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ will be along shortly.

Looking over the previous releases there seems to be a pattern of movies being about Batman, Superman, Justice League, someone else, repeat. I may be wrong but lets move forward with the assumption that DC is mainly focusing on their money makers for their direct releases.


1 -‘Kingdom Come.’ If you’re imagining a list then you should go for the gold ring, right? Kingdom Come comes first despite the fact that I want it to be a few more years before this comes around. Kingdom Come stays at the top of a lot of classic graphic novel lists for a very good reason. The quality of story and art work make for an amazing narrative with iconic and masterful visuals. More than wanting this to arrive soon I put this at #1 because I want to believe there will be a day when the direct animated features will be good enough for this to come out.


2 -‘Batman: Killing Joke.’ Despite all the issues that come with translating anything done by Alan Moore, this would certainly be worth it. Dark Knight Returns will be a test to see what can happen with more mature story telling but I think most fans of Batman will agree this is a definitive story. Mark Hamil’s semi-retirement made me hesitant on wanting this to come out without his involvement. The little ray of hope I have if the fact that after Arkham City came out a fan asked if he would come back for a project like this and Hamil said it was an unfulfilled dream.


3 -‘Superman: Red Son.’ This may be an Elseworlds story but you have to admit it has all the elements of an excellent Superman story thanks to Mark Millar. We have great clashes between Superman and Lex Luthor, a fight with Batman, heroes from all over standing against Superman only to be wiped away. This story shows us what could have gone wrong with Superman and a intro that reminds us what Superman stands for but what if… would be the perfect setup.


4 -‘Justice League: Strength in Numbers.’ One particular story I want told from this collection is the introduction of Prometheus. Doom gives us a story about a team of people using plans to take down the Justice league by this is the story of one guy doing the same thing. Also his background story pretty much makes him the anti-Batman who can take Batman in a fight. The second big reason is a larger Justice League cast to play with. The newly imagined justice league is going to involve Firestorm, Mr. Terrific and Captain Atom, this is a perfect chance to get them on screen.


5 -‘Batman: Long Halloween.’ This may need to be longer than DC’s usual 60 minute productions but if they are able to bump this to an hour and a half I think we can keep everything in. The key of this film is pulling off the look of the comic. The story goes by quickly but some of the scenes and visuals, like the warehouse full of cash will be the biggest challenge. While Killing Joke is one of the best books to feature the Joker, this truly makes most of Batman’s enemies an assemble cast.

As an extra bonus here are 5 shorts that I’d like to see. No associated story line/ arc is listed with each of these, they’re just characters and teams that can more than pull down a 5-10 munites for a quick introduction and a fun romp.

-Metal Men

-Birds of Prey

-Adam Strange

-Animal Man

-Dial H.

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