Are All Gamers Comic Enthusiasts?

Written on Mon, Feb 20, 2012 by Marc posted by marc

Comics and Games tend to go hand in hand. Go on, try to deny it. You’ll almost certainly find the two in the same place. Every comic shop has a card and games selection to go through. Whether it’s a few decks of poker cards, a few boxes of Magic: The Gather in the display case, a shelf full of Dungeons and Dragons books or an entire wall of Warhammer miniatures, something “gamey”  is bound to be there.

It’s very easy to see why, since both comics and games offer an escape from reality and offer some kind of story. Even games like Magic: The Gathering have either a creature or magic spell involved on each card so that the players form a narrative as the game goes on. There is significantly a more obvious crossover when you look at the direct comic associated options for every gaming type. The card game VS allowed you to build decks containing popular comic book heroes and villains.

Video games have long been involved with making tie ins to comic characters. Batman, Superman and every comic book movie that’s come out in the last 25 years has a video game backing up. this and all the current running MMO options currently running like City of Heroes and DC Universe Online are most certainly aimed at comic readers who also like video games.

While there is a large amount of crossover between comic readers and gamers there is one key thing that separates these two types of typical ‘geeks’: Competitiveness. Aside from fighting over the last issue one the stand or who has the better collection… there really isn’t a lot of score keeping in the comic community. There’s only one unified scoring system, how much everyone has spent on their comics, and no one wants to use that to win the championship.

With the evolution going on in the comic industry it’s easy to see a need for the gaming industry to adapt along with it. Comics are making the move online, with the advent of tablets. While game makers like Wizards of the Coast and Wiz Kids have put forward online versions of their games in the past… we are left with the big question. Are online games the future of all gaming? With the move toward digital media consumption, where does human interaction take place? And what’s the meaning of life. OK, we’re getting a bit off-topic here, kiddos.

Suffice to say, it leads us to ask: How many Unshaven Comic fans are gamers as well?

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