Current State of the Ultimate Marvel Universe

Written on Tue, Feb 21, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Current State of the Ultimate Marvel Universe


It’s no secret that I am a great fan of the Ultimate universe at Marvel Comics. For a great length of time it was the best thing I saw coming from the House of Ideas in the 2000’s. It’s these last 2 years have seen the most change in its landscape. Rather than just being a place where everything is the same as the normal universe just slightly twinged differently we have seen huge dramatic shifts that have truly made it a different place that the old Marvel 616. The most visible and seen in the news of these changes is definitely Miles Morales. The idea that anyone but Peter Parker could be Spider Man is nothing new. There have been interviews with Stan Lee in the past where it was touched on that the beauty of his costume was that with everything concealed it really could be ANYONE under the mask. The story has been something new and with the 150 issue Peter Parker got trying his hand at the super hero racket a new face and perspective is a great choice.

While Spider Man has been more noticeable in the news he actually seems to be one of the smallest changes to be made. This is a world where South East Asia Region (SEAR) has been completely over taken by not 1 but 2 super Powered factions, Reed Richards and his race of super evolved followers have overpowered a portion of Europe locking everyone else outside (after wiping out Asgard) and it’s been revealed that mutants were created by the American government who is now rounding them up or executing them. So it’s safe to say things are a little different.

The easiest way to describe things is that so many more risks are being taken now. The Marvel universe (and DC for the most part) have almost always  reflected the real world. There are a few additional countries but otherwise the normal comic universe worlds are very easy to see and identify as being close to the one all its readers live in. The Ultimate universe has thrown that idea away. This has become a world where Super Nations are rising all over the world and people aren’t just being persecuted or shunned for being different but full on getting hunted by their government for something the government is responsible for. It’s as if all those threats that the heroes have been fighting against are slipping through one by one.

The risks being taken with the stories are high right now. With new writers like Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spenser at the wheel and Sam Humphries on the way we can definitely agree that there is new blood in the Ultimate universe. Considering it was a bunch of unconventional Marvel writers like Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar who started it in the first place, it certainly seems to be in good hands.

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