Convention Report: C2E2 2012

Written on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

C2E2 2012 is over and with it we continue another successful convention for Unshaven Comics! From the bottom of our bearded hearts… we want to thank all our friends who came by and saw us, along with all our new readers joining us for the first time. Thank you all for an amazing show.

While we don’t want to brag… we SOLD OUT of copies of the first true Samurnauts comics- Samurnauts: Genesis. This is proof that ‘the Samurnauts’ is a great story that everyone can enjoy. Monkeys fighting dinosaurs? You can’t miss. For those who picked up a copy and want to get more, fear not. Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnutz #1 will be out in a few short weeks. In the meantime you can find all three copies of Disposable Razors for order in our COMICS section.

Speaking of Samurnauts… it would be a shame not to say a huge thank you to our live action Blue Samurnaut- Eric. He was on the floor all three days and entered into the costume contest on Friday- much to fans delight. While not everyone recognized him… he was a huge hit, sending excited fans to our table all weekend. From the bottom of our beards…Thank you Eric, and of course Cherise, our Yellow Samurnaut!

With all the ‘thanks’ out of the way we want to remind you that we still have a long way to go. With Chicago Comic Con in August, Baltimore Comic Con and Mid-Ohio Con in September and Detroit Fanfare and Kokomo Comic Con in October (not to mention a half dozen smaller cons to be announced soon) we still have a big year in front of us. The march to 1000 comics sold and beyond continues!

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