Mayvengers: Big Bertha!

Written on Wed, May 9, 2012 by Matt posted by matt

Hey everybody, sorry for the late post but here is today’s offering: Big Bertha!!  There you go Marc, just for you….

This is an Avenger, she’s on the Great Lakes Avengers.  Even though they’re considered a joke, she’s a real Avenger.  And yes that is a Deadpool cherub up in the corner.  After doing some research on the character, it turns out they went on a date once.

So there she is, in all her flabby glory.
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2 Responses to “Mayvengers: Big Bertha!”

  1. I seriously don’t want to be associated with this. I meant this as a joke!

  2. Kyle G. says:

    I think I need to buy more eye-bleach