The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 59.2!

Written on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 by Marc posted by marc

It’s a very special episode of the Unshaven Rant-Cast, kiddos. Every now and again we get a new fan. And when we do, we like to ensure they know how much we appreciate their support. This time, we’d like to shout out to our pal Jordan. He sent in a list of questions about the Unshaven origin story; Why we got into the business, how we did, and how others can follow. Well Jordon, we hope you’re tuning in… cause the answers are abound!

Aside from some industry tips, and general “hey, this is how and why we do it”… we also go over our next appearances, Samurnauts updates, and uhh… that may be it.

So, crank up the volume (or don’t, we don’t want to hurt your ears), and tune in (which makes no sense. A podcast isn’t broadcast on a radio signal…).

The Unshaven Rant-Cast, June 11th (part 2), 2012:

Download the podcast by saving this link.

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2 Responses to “The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 59.2!”

  1. Mike Kristofik says:

    Speaking of cranking up the volume, is there any way you can make the opening music louder? The sound effects that announce each segment of the show sound good, but for some reason the opening music is really quiet.

  2. Marc says:

    Yup! We’ll tweak it.