I Won’t Read or Watch ‘Walking Dead’. Ever!

Written on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

I don’t care how good or highly recommended ‘Walking Dead’ becomes, I’m never going to watch it, read it, or care about it.

I’ve had this conversation too many times, so I’m putting it all down here. With both friends (who are comic fans), and coworkers/ acquaintances (who are casual fans) I’ve had the same conversation again and again. It always begins the same. “Hey, you like comics. You must really like the “Walking Dead.’” I don’t. I’ve read the first 5 trades for it. I’ve watched the first season of the TV show. Let no one claim I didn’t gave the series a fair chance.

To be fair though, it’s not a failing of the quality of the series that keeps me from enjoying it. Much like Invincible (another Robert Kirkman comic I fully enjoy…) the story structure is well thought out, and new seeds for stories are planted early for fulfillment later. The issue for me is completely one of personal preference. It comes down to the fact that I am a sucker for a happy ending. I love seeing the hero beating the bad guy, the man and woman falling in love and living happily ever after,  and the forces of good triumphing over evil. Call me a softy.

Now let’s be honest; A happy ending is never coming in Walking Dead. The series is a collection of events always getting worse. There are lapses of stagnation… until they get worse again. This unending cycle eventually was too much and I finally called it quits. When the TV series premiered I got swept up in the excitement, and decided to give the books another shot. Why I did this, frankly I’ll never know. It didn’t take me long to re-realize my gripe with the unyielding depression the book holds over its head. And with that, so ended any interest in the property at large.

So now that the comic is hitting issues 100 (with 15 alternate covers) and the hype is building for the third season on AMC. The series has become a very popular topic of conversation and I find myself having to explain my opinion to everyone who is shocked- just shocked- that I don’t like it. Simply put: As long as the ‘Walking Dead’ is just a continual stream of meeting new people only to kill them in the immediate future, I will not budge. Perhaps in the long run I’ll be proven wrong. Someday Rick might find a nice little place for him, his son and all their new friends to settle down, and live out the rest of their emotionally scarred lives. I won’t be holding my breath, but if that happens I’m sure someone will mention it to me. And then, maybe, I’ll consider lifting my ban.

In the mean time? Consider my interest in the series at large to be as apropos as the lead baddies themselves; DEAD.

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4 Responses to “I Won’t Read or Watch ‘Walking Dead’. Ever!”

  1. Angie says:

    I deeply prefer my zombies with funness attached, like with Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, both of which are terrific and satisfy your happy endings desires. Well put, Kyle!

  2. Brian Sokol says:

    I don’t like zombies, no matter how well written. Completely uninterested.

  3. Schwing says:

    I really like the Walking Dead, but I can totally understand your reasoning for disliking it.

  4. Jesse says:

    Wow. My knee jerk reaction was, of course, WHAAAT HOW U NO LIKE WALKING DEAD?!? But gosh. You’re right. There will never ever be a happy ending ever. I wonder what Kirkman has against humanity?

    Just kidding. Kirkman makes me happy all the time with Super Dinosaur.