The New 52 vs Marvel NOW: To Be Continued, or Not?

Written on Wed, Aug 8, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Later this year, and extending into 2013, Marvel will relaunch many of their titles as part of ‘Marvel NOW!’. With that launch we’ll see every title doing same-day-digital release, and a big shake-up in writers and artists on nearly every book. If this all sounds familiar it’s because this is very much like what DC did for the New 52. But maybe not entirely. Marvel NOW will make a great jumping-on point for new readers… but then again so were the Point One books and the Heroic Ages renumbering issues. So where exactly does this reboot-relaunch-retcon-who-knows differ from DC?

In short: we know that the continuity in Marvel stays the same. No cosmic event (Flashpoint, Crisis, Final Pickle…) is going to change history / force a re-introduction of each character, with only the possibility of some fundamental change. NOW won’t leave us with questions about which villains are still around, or wondering what’s been changed about their history.

Devil’s advocate says that this might not matter for every reader. After all, DC’s history isn’t ‘gone’. Dan Didio and Jim lee didn’t gather up every old graphic novel and back issue and make a bon fire. There is always just that Event Wall that makes everything change. Once you reach the other side (similar to the pre and post Crisis on Infinite Earths…) things have been switched up, but all in the name of new stories.

As it stands, both companies are producing good comics. Both companies are pairing amazing writers and artists on their top titles. Both are putting out some of the best super hero comics I’ve ever read. The only real question is: do you prefer a long rich history or a new history that is yet to be explored? Only one way to tell us… Comment below!

One Response to “The New 52 vs Marvel NOW: To Be Continued, or Not?”

  1. Schwing says:

    Make mine….DC. I was a mainly a Marvel reader because of the X-men. But, to me, the stories became stale. Wolverine once in a while still catches my attention, but just for a little bit. I used to like Ultimates and Ultimate X-men but now the that whole universe seems to be one giant clusterF……

    DC. I still find the characters fun to read. I am not a real fan of the New 52 because I believe the messed it up. If you reboot do the whole thing. But they still have the characters I like the best… Superman(my fav character, whats up with his messed up comics?), Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman. If you could create a company that also included Wolverine and Captain America it would be perfect. And maybe the Punisher and Witchblade too!!!!!!