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Written on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

For the last couple of days, the comic community has been abuzz with the news that Justice League #12 ends with a full splash page of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, thus beginning a relationship. This has been suggested from the very start of the New 52 when it was revealed that Lois was in a relationship with someone else. Fan reaction to this has been, at best, mixed. This begs another question: How will fans react to a whole continuity where Clark Kent and Lois Lane don’t seem fated to be together?

As multiple creators and editorial at DC have said, as this is not a short term relationship between the most powerful man and woman at DC, it’s possible we might never see the relationships from the old continuity come back. Now the point I want to focus on is will this spread further than just comic books? Next summer, Superman: Man of Steel hits theaters so is it possible that there will be no hinted romance between Lois and Clark there either? Superman will be wearing the new costume and it’s been stated repeatedly that DC Entertainment wants all their properties to be easily relatable. Will we have to wait for an eventual Justice League movie before any kind of relationship begins to surface?

This even goes beyond Superman and DC comics. The recent Spider-Man movie featured an early relationship with Gwen Stacy and no sign of Mary Jane Watson. Initially people assumed that MJ would come into Peter’s life in the sequels but does she need to? Marvel editorial went to a lot of trouble to remove any trace of Peter and MJ’s relationship in the comics with absolutely no sign of going back. What says they can’t give Spider-Man a new girl to become interested in each movie? What about Felicia Hardy or one of the other women Peter’s dated in his life?

What’s most perplexing about this is how little it actually bothers me or anyone else I’ve talked to about it. I’ve seen more outrage over Captain Marvel changing his name to Shazam than I have to a relationship of a 60 year evolution of Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s relationship. It might be the possibility of new opportunities and stories that can come from these relationships or maybe fans are just too desensitized to watching superhero marriages fail (looking at you Storm and Black Panther). Either way, I think audiences at upcoming superhero films might be surprised no matter which way it swings. Comic fans won’t understand why the movie would conflict with the foundation of the new comic continuities or movie goers won’t understand why the love stories aren’t going they way they always have.

2 Responses to “Super Relations”

  1. Schwing says:

    I want the Lois and Clark relationship back!!!!!!!!!! Down with Wonder Woman!!(maybe more ways than one 🙂

  2. Kyle G. says:

    I was right there with you for a while Schwing but after a while I changed around. We’ve had lois and clark in some for of love triangle/ square/ whatever for decades. I’m okay with a chance to see what would happen if the two moved on instead.

    If nothing else I have to admit DC has taken a lot of risks in this last year.