Superman and the Deadliest Catch

Written on Sat, Aug 4, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

I’ve taken to talking to my office coworkers recently about upcoming comic movies since it’s one of the few common interests we can all agree on and when you see people for eight hours a day, five days a week, you need to make with the chit-chat some times. Recently this has involved The Dark Knight Rises because it’s the big new movie.

There’s one other thing that’s been a part of nearly every conversation I’ve had though, and that is Superman and theĀ  Man Of Steel movie for 2013. The first teaser played before The Dark Knight Rises andĀ  features voice overs from either Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent or Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Both can be seen for free on YouTube if you haven’t seen them already.

Talking to all my non-comic reading coworkers, the first thoughts haven’t been positive. Questions about why he’s on Deadliest Catch have become very common, and because I’m their comics and movie guy I’m expected to have an explanation. I don’t. For what it’s worth I like the trailers. Especially when you realize that what Russell Crowe is saying is very close to some of what Jor-El says in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman.

The problem is that the general movie public has a hardwired perception when they think Superman. They think fighting giant robots, or defeating Lex Luthor. While comic fans and those who read Superman: Earth One might be able to make the connection that he needs to find himself before he can be Superman, that doesn’t seem to be what most typical movie goers are expecting for their first glimpse of someone who can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.

When you consider that every DC Comics/ Entertainment movie over the last seven years that didn’t star Batman has lost money, this becomes a bigger concern. Man Of Steel has to knock this one out of the park and they need to make people believe a man can fly again. If not, the executives at AOL Time Warner just might begin asking why they’re pumping all this money into these funny book characters for movie that don’t get returns.

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