Avengers vs X-Men: #12 Predicition

Written on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Marvel has a bit of a pattern when it comes to major event finale criteria. There are a few story beats that seem to get repeated in multiple events, so let’s see if we can use them to guess how things will go in ‘Avengers vs X-Men #12’ for next week. First, let’s look a few things that happened as recently as last issue:

-Last week, we saw an important character killed by the established main villain (Wasp in ‘Secret Invasion’, Aries in ‘Siege’, Bucky in ‘Fear Itself’).

-Every available hero is brought to a single place to face an unstoppable foe (the Hulk in ‘World War Hulk’, Sentry in ‘Siege’).

So what can, and should we expect from the final issue? Here are a few commonly used gems to be on the lookout for:

-The villain will find out he’s been betrayed and this fight is all for nothing (Miek betraying Hulk in ‘World War Hulk’, Loki betraying Norman Osborn in ‘Siege’). We will likely see some of the former Phoenix Five turn on Cyclops/Phoenix.

-All the heroes rallying together for a big push with Captain America at the front (‘Civil War’, ‘Siege’, ‘Fear itself’ and nearly every even that’s ever happened when Cap isn’t dead). Bonus points to the first person to yell, “Avengers Assemble!”

-A huge final page spread with great art and some kind of energy explosion that will cause incredible destruction and property damage but not kill any heroes or the villain (‘Civil War’, ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, ‘World War Hulk’)

So there are two conclusions I draw from what Marvel’s done in the past and what we’ve seen here so far.

Pessimistic Option: So in the end, what we can really expect is a lot of heroes fighting Cyclops at once until Captain America yells out for everyone to give it all they’ve got. Then they’ll be able to overpower him despite this not having worked all the times they’ve done it until now. There will then be a burst of energy and the Phoenix power will either disappear or leave Earth. This will be followed with Cyclops also disappearing into the shadows to learn from what’s happened or his being imprisoned in some kind of Super-Cell for crimes against humanity (which he hasn’t really done except fighting the Avengers after they provoked him multiple times). Then the remaining X-Men and Avengers will realize this is the perfect time to be more involved with each other and add people from each side to every team and have slumber parties.

Optimistic Option: Since she’s been on the side lines for 11 issues, we will finally see Hope get involved. Specifically, she will take the Phoenix power like she was supposed to in the first place. This will allow Scott to see how out of control things had become. It would also be nice to see Scarlet Witch do something since everyone at Marvel insisted she was important as this series rolled out, she might be able to harness the Phoenix’s power to do the one thing everyone wanted done since she came back- return all the mutants (the same thing Scott claimed Phoenix would do, making him kind of right). After that the Phoenix would indeed leave Earth with Hope as it’s host giving us the nice symbolism of giving up Hope for what everyone else said they wanted. Not as action packed but important events that might lead to a better reason to include X-Men on each Avengers team since there will be a new mutant population to protect/ monitor.

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