Convention Report: Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Written on Thu, Sep 13, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

Earlier this year, we at Unshaven Comics set a goal for our book sales for 2012. It was a modest goal; beat what we sold in 2011 by 50 books. That goal? We wanted to sell 1000 books by the end of the year. This past weekend at the Baltimore Comic Con we smashed through that goal. With an amazing 204 books sold, we now sit at 1060 books put into our fans’ hands. To say that this was a fitting honor for such a great convention would be an understatement. Simply put: Baltimore exceeded any expectations we could have set.

Starting things out, we hit an all-time single-day sales high for Saturday (up four books from Chicago Comic Con to an awesome 137 books). The fans came ready to try new books, which proved that everything we’d heard about the convention was true; Baltimore Comic Con is all about comic books. As always, we met people who were immediately blown away by the concept of the Samurnauts… As well as being interested in all our older works. Simply put? It’s always reassuring to us when we introduce our books to completely new fans, it’s heart-warming to see their excitement for what we do.

Each Unshaven lad also took the time to explore the convention floor for ourselves–meeting some old acquaintances, making new friends, and generally jabbering with some of the amazing artists that were stationed around us (check out Rey Arzeno’s work when you get the chance).

After an exciting first day we were given an opportunity to take another step into becoming a group of comic professionals… we attended the Harvey Awards. With a full stomach and a free bag of swag for attending, we sat back and watched some of the biggest names in the industry pay tribute to those voted best in each category. The tribute to Joe Kubert and John Romita Jr. receiving the lifetime achievement award from his father, John Romita Sr. and Stan Lee were especially touching. The idea that legacy holds such a relevant place in our industry is one that I know Marc and Matt took to heart quite a bit.

Sunday the convention wound down with a costume contest that our very own live action Blue Samurnaut, Eric Anderson, entered in. He and his partner in crime, Ariel (aka Cherise Anderson) made their way around the convention floor both days, meeting people and telling them all about the Samurnauts. For that we will continue to be thankful. To say “we can’t do it without them” is an understatement. Suffice to say, with Raif and Ariel entertaining fans… the “Samurnauts are always go” for Unshaven Comics.

After Sunday’s floor closed down, the Unshaven crew were invited to an amazing dinner with friends Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel of Insight Studios, and Glenn Hauman of ComicMix. In what seemed the perfect end to a perfect convention, the Unshaven Crew settled down in our hotel late at night, and watched the Robot Chicken DC Universe Special… before going off to bed with kirby krackle on the brain.

We thank you Baltimore. Your con was something truly amazing. Don’t be surprised if we don’t see you the same time next year!


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