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Unshaven Webcomics: In Black-Outest-Night!

Written on Wed, Sep 5, 2012 by Marc posted by marc

Welcome back to Unshaven Comics everyone! It’s time once again to spread the love, webcomic style. Now, we don’t profess to be the ‘drinking’ type. In fact, if Matt weren’t in the company? We’d be laughed out of the union. So here’s a strip to show you just WHY that’s true.

Kyle delivers the script, Matt delivers the pencils and inks, Marc delivers everything else; including coming out looking like the biggest wuss in the company. Which is probably true anyways. Just don’t ask him that.

We hope ya’ll dig it. As always, click it to see it nice and large (in a new window, since it’s a bit big). And if you laugh, well, do us a solid and spread the word. Until next week kiddos. Stay Unshaven!

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