UPDATED: Another Series Cancelled Too Soon

Written on Sun, Oct 21, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

It was reported at the close of the New York Comic con that ‘Higher Earth’ from Boom Studios. As someone who recently began following the series I think it’s a shame this series is going away before it can gain proper footing but more it speaks to problem that all too many comic fans have experienced- reading a story that’s never going to be properly finished.

While this may be less of an occurrence with the Big Two of comics it’s far more common with the smaller presses. DC has had several series cancelled with the new 52 underway, but in most cases the series has had a chance to write an ending before it’s over. We also have a shared universe so it’s more likely a story thread could be picked up with another title, especially if a character from a cancelled book joins a different title or team book. In series more independent companies its more like having a tv show cancelled before hitting mid-season.

As far as a business aspect goes, it’s not unsurprising so many series get cancelled every year. Not every book is going to be Walking Dead nor should they be expected to. However, how long should a series be given to reach an audience before deciding that it has or hasn’t worked? Is six months enough time? Just for the same regularity of release, did Family Guy or Futurama reach their audiences after six episodes? Was Irredeemable or Invincible hitting better numbers at the same time?

My point is that there are too many small presses that seem to be letting books go before they’ve had the necessary time to reach their audiences. This was a series being put out by Sam Humphries. A man with a major title at Marvel and a break-out one-shot that was self published before being widely released by Image. How this could have gone on so long without that point being hyped and exploited for both him and the publisher is beyond me and should be beyond anyone at Boom Studios marketing department. This isn’t a new or even unlikely occurrence but that doesn’t make it any less unfortunate.


I’m updating this article to bring up a few points and also to clarify some conclusions I came to in the above article…. and to apologize to you, our Unshaven Fans.

I came to the information that inspired this article from a blurb on Bleeding Cool. It seems after one of their writers bumped into Sam Humphries at the New York Comic Con (that can be read here), the rumor mill went into churn-churn-churn mode. I think it’s fair to say that Bleeding Cool doesn’t always post the highest brow articles (see the current Superman Spider-man Porn Parody Crossover article) but I’ve usually found them to be credible and up-to-date with convention and comic news. Oh how wrong I was…

As for the end of Higher Earth, it’s been pointed out to me that the series will have a final conclusion and it might have made some people sad that I claimed that wasn’t the case. I saw that only a few issues were left and couldn’t see how everything could be tied up in that short amount of time. That wasn’t a fair assumption of me to make. It took credit from both the writer Sam Humphries and the publisher Ross Ritchie for not giving them the opportunity to present a story and finish it before I jumped to a conclusion.

That being said, I do want to defend the idea behind this all; that of the premature canceling of quality series. Far too often I’ve been left in the dark awaiting the next chapter to other smaller press books (Desperado, I’m looking at you…) only later to find out that I’ll be waiting far longer than I’d like to see an ending. Call me OCD, but I simply can’t stand an unfinished story! In the case of ‘Higher Earth’ at least… I shall be vindicated.

So there you have it Unshaven Fans. Proof that a blogger can admit when he’s wrong and promise to be a little more careful before he runs off his mouth. Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m due ten lashings in the shame corner. Please be gentle–

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