Convention Report: Kokomo Comic Con 2012

Written on Tue, Oct 23, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

I promise you now, no Beach Boy’s jokes.

Now attending for the second year in a row it’s fair to say that Kokomo Comic Con is by far the best single day convention that Unshaven Comics has ever attended. After meeting a very enthusiastic crowd last year we were happy to return this year to find that things had gotten even better. The organizer Shawn and his team came by our 10×10 foot booth multiple times to make sure we were having a good day and to ask if there was anything we could do to make it a better for us. We came up short every time because it was already such a great show.

Aside from the organizers we also need to recognize the fan response. Last year we set a single days convention sales record with 51 books. Going in this year we said we’d be satisfied with 57 which would give us a 10% growth. By the end of the day we had sold 71 books completely blowing away expectation. This was amazing for us as a company and proof that our stories resonate with new readers and those who came to our table excited after having read our books last year.

Finally we need to  acknowledge all the people that made this a great day beyond the sale. Once again our very own live Samurnauts Erik and Cherise were walking the floor showing off the Blue Samurnauts armor to draw attention. We found ourselves seated next to the same excellent neighbors we have at Mid-Ohio con still selling their inspired Dr. Who and super hero tarot art. We even got a visit from our bearded Chicago semi-nemesis Beardo (Dan Dougherty).

With everything that happened this might have been a shorter convention than we usually attend but Kokomo ranks as one of the highest in spirit and the lengths it goes to so everyone can have a great time. Don’t be shocked at all to see it immediately added to our plans for next year and beyond.

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