Spooktober: Punisher Dredd!

Written on Fri, Oct 26, 2012 by Matt posted by matt

Howdy there Unshaven Army and welcome back to Spooktober!!!

Today’s little entry come’s from a close, personal source…  Actually I did this because I wanted to see Dredd and thought “wouldn’t it be funny if the Punisher dressed up as Judge Dredd for shiggles on Halloween.  Then proceeded to be the Punisher for the rest of the night, never acknowledging that he was dressed up while killing people.”

Anyway, I hope that you found it funny and just a reminder to come on back Halloween night for a huge Spooktober Art Dump!

If you want to see the Unshaven Lads (Matt, Marc and Kyle), we’ll be in Dearborn Michigan this weekend for Detroit Fan Fare!!!  Come on out to see what we think is going to be a great show.  Last year the Con was in the heart of Detroit and some small complications arose.  Now it’s back in Dearborn and we’re hoping it does some good things.

Click on the image it see it larger and leave us a comment below.  See you on Halloween!

One Response to “Spooktober: Punisher Dredd!”

  1. Schwing says:

    Great work!!!!!!! Can’t wait till your next podcast.