Convention Report: Detroit Fanfare 2012

Written on Fri, Nov 2, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

After a less than stellar show at Detroit Fanfare in 2011 we at Unshaven Comics were torn about whether we would attend the show again for 2012. Anyone who was at the Detroit show at Cobalt Hall last year will tell you that there were problems. A lot of problems. With the show moved back to Dearborn we were assured that the show would be much different. After much discussion we decided to give them another chance. Are we ever glad that we did. The show in 2012 was a complete change from the last year. The layout and structure was tighter and worked with the available space. The building felt warmer and more welcoming. The convention wasn’t held in Detroit. It was an amazing show and absolutely worth attending if you can make it.

The convention was primarily divided into two main rooms. The first was where most of the independent creators were seated (we didn’t get put there) and the second was primarily a dealer room. We were a little disparaged that we didn’t get put in the creator room at first but by the second day it was clear that the dealer room was where everyone went to spend, and spend they did. We sold out of every remaining copy we had of Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts, Samurnauts: Genesis and Disposable Razors #3 (first print appearance of the Samurnauts). Once again this proved to us that these books resonate with everyone we show them to all over the country. The sales of this convention was a total of 126 which brings us to a record shattering  1408 for this year.

When we weren’t selling books we all made some time to walk the floor to visit some friends. Our friends at Malmey Studios had a space in the hallway where the displayed the recently completed Earth Worm Jim body suit. Our very own frenemy- Beardo was located in the creator room with his newly won Shel Dorf award (ya big jerk). Most exciting though was seeing our friends at Rapid Fire Entertainment. We met the Rapid Fire guys last year at a show and have seem them several times since to talk about both our and their upcoming projects. Just before Detroit Fanfare they unveiled their Kickstarter project for their series The Luminous Firefly (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rapidfirecomics/the-luminous-firefly ).

With such a great close to this year we’re already excited for what 2013 might bring. We’ve got more books, more conventions and more fun planned. I can’t wait to see you all there with us.

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