The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 74.2!

Written on Tue, Nov 6, 2012 by Marc posted by marc

The never-not-funny (to us) second half of the podcast is a celebration of the end of the 2012 convention season! The lads dish on the Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts 2. Then Marc gets into “how to design a logo that won’t suck”. Matt gives the most pitiful “Indie Spotlight’ in recent memory, and then Kyle spreads some of his good cheer, as always. After that? Unshaven Comics gives the total book sale count for the year, and drops what the 2013 goal is gonna be. Trust us kiddos, you don’t want to miss this.

Or maybe you do. We’re always in fear that people will catch on to our schtick, and we’ll be spat on at the conventions. Seriously. We’re living in fear over here guys. Oh well. For the time being… it’s onward, upward, and always bearded! Please (as always) listen heartily, share mightily, and like us verily on the facebooks. See you next week!

The Unshaven Rant-Cast, November 5th (part 2), 2012:

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2 Responses to “The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 74.2!”

  1. Schwing says:

    Great reviews. I think you guys were totally spot on with your reviews this week, especially with the Action Annual and the Superman Earth One volume 2 books. Because of your rants I am going to give Higher Earth a shot. Most importantly I can’t wait till next year for Samurnauts 2. Holy Samurpiratsubs!!!!!!! You keep ranting and I will keep listening.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks so much Schwing. Seriously. We’ll for sure keep ranting.