Unshaven Webcomics: Fourth Wall Be Darned!

Written on Wed, Nov 7, 2012 by Marc posted by marc

Welcome back, one and all! Sorry for the lateness, but we had to make sure the last chapter of the epic Gronk crossover was chock full of funtasticness! After our last chapter, it was pretty evident that the boys had their mind blown by the lil’ monster. So it stands that this week, we dive into the psychological aspects of being fictitious characters. Prepare yourself for a webcomic that blows the doors off your inner-psyche. We crack open the real, and the unreal. Then we explore the inner workings of the Mirror Stage, and the ever-present Perceptual-Conscious System.

Or we play dress up and high five. To see it big, just clickity-click it.

Either way, thanks so much for joining us here. Another huge crossover will be coming soon. Clues will drop over on the Facebook Page so be sure to ‘like us’ to figure it out. And our biggest thanks yet go to Katie Cook, who was so nice to allow Ms. Gronk to play a bit in our world of webcomics. Now do yourself a favor and check out Gronk in her own awesome adventures!

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2 Responses to “Unshaven Webcomics: Fourth Wall Be Darned!”

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    I like. Who is “Gronk”? Your character?

  2. Marc says:

    Oh no Russ. As with ‘Beardo’, Gronk is another web comic who has stumbled into our little world! You can check out Gronk (from the amazing Katie Cook) at !