What I’m Thankful For

Written on Fri, Nov 23, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

If you’re a regular listener to the Unshaven Comics podcast you’ll be aware that each week I do a segment called “Kyle’s Good Job” where I give mention to something I think is making positive steps or contributions to comic or geek culture. I’ve long felt that too many podcasts cast a mostly negative light on things and think it’s important to have at least on bright spot in our podcast. With this being the holiday for giving thanks I wanted to take a moment to mention some of the things I am grateful for this year in the world of comics and geekdom.

I’m thankful for all the new directions that DC and Marvel have done to bring in new readers. While I’ve had some issues with some of the musical chairs played with creative teams I have these initiatives to thank for Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman and for Jonathan Hickman (very soon) taking over The Avengers. I loved where things stood before but I never want these wonderful characters to get stale and I’m glad that things are being done to keep that from happening.

I’m thankful that comic movies absolutely proved they can continue to surprise and amaze me. With the release of ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ this Summer I don’t even mind if the Mayan’s do annihilate us this December. These movies surpassed all my expectations and have the box office numbers to prove that they can get everyday movie goers as excited us comic fans.

I’m thankful for Image coming out with so many insane new series that prove comics can do so much more than super heroes. Don’t  misunderstand, I love so super hero stories (see above 2 points) but it’s also important to have other stories  out there from this medium. ‘Thief of Thieves’ has been an amazing take an a retired thief trying to use what he knows to stay out of jail and rebuild his family. ‘Manhattan Projects’ is about the most fun I’ve had reading about evil scientists doing everything you’d ever want one to do. These other stories only serve to expand what comics can do and should be supported for doing so.

I’m thankful I had a chance to attend more conventions and see more independent books this year. With the dozen of shows we attended in 2012 I was amazed to see the wide variety of different books that are out there. I wasn’t able to pick up everything I wanted but was amazed by what I did pick up. I look forward to more shows next year and for the opportunity to continue most of these independent series and to find more.

Finally I’m thankful that Unshaven Comics continues to grow and expand. We’ve had a lot of fun this year. We made a real life Samurnaut, launched a new ongoing series and are in the process of making other steps that could lead to great things for us as a company. With more books on the way and even more conventions planned I find that I never stop feeling excited for our company’s future. I’m grateful for everything that’s come to me this year and the prospect of what’s coming soon and my being there to greet it makes it all the better.

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