DC Comics and Gail Simone

Written on Fri, Dec 14, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

It became public knowledge this past weekend that Gail Simone has been removed from writing Batgirl at DC. She’s addressed this already on her Facebook page, Tumblr, and Twitter. What hasn’t been stated is DC’s position on the removal. Amongst the explosion of angry voices, articles going over what this means, and occasional cries for refrain from anger (most notably by Simone herself) we still don’t have an official response from anyone at DC as to why this happened… especially to someone writing a book that was both critically and commercially a success.

I like to play devil’s advocate a good deal of the time (this might be more obvious in our rant-casts)… but I’m not going to speculate on possible reasoning and justification for DC’s moves. I don’t think I should have to, since they’ve always been on top of answering such questions. Months ago when the concern about why there were so few women in creative positions in the comic industry, I remember reading numerous people at DC addressing the question in interviews, and at panels at conventions. When there was a sudden panic over DC setting up shop in California (close to Warner Bro’s) Geoff Johns had interviews where he talked about the reasoning, and how this wasn’t ‘a sign of anything to fear’. This time though? They’ve kept quiet… and it’s going to hurt them.

While we comic fans like to think we’re fairly rational, we can also turn into raging beasts; when a character has a costume change we don’t like, or a retcon is revealed that stifles previous work, or when we think a beloved creator is being mistreated. But given that Simone herself has in the past called on angry fans to stop sending hate messages and threats to people at DC… certainly there is argument out there whether we fans are being Hulks or Banners at this point.

The thing to remember is that people shouldn’t be holding this against DC. The issue comes down to whether a new editor was brought onto Batgirl, and decided to go in a new direction. We could assume perhaps said editor didn’t want to discuss it, or use the scripts Simone had turned in… and that is their right to pursue a new story and writer. However, every fan of Batgirl I’ve spoken to has no plans to continue buying.  One fan and friend of mine (two guesses who) even citing the words from a DC executive from a convention panel some years ago… “People vote with their dollars.”

This is a chance for people to do just that and it looks like they will.

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