Geek Girls Aren’t a Problem So Stop Asking

Written on Fri, Dec 7, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

We at unshaven comics recently went over this topic on the Rant-Cast but I feel like I should address my own personal feeling on the topics of ‘fake geek girls’ and the recent outpouring of anger from some corners of the geek community. I won’t get into some of the specific fights that have gone on publicly in the last few weeks but I want to make my position, and just how ridiculous this all is very clear.

This is how I’ve perceived what’s been going on. Various members of the geek community (especially comic fans) fell that there are women (even attractive women) who are walking around at conventions and interacting with the geek community who are faking interest in order to garner attention. The common reasoning for this is that geeks have become sought after now that comic movies are popular and comics are getting more attention from the mainstream. I won’t say there’s been one universal negative reaction to women being part of the comic geek culture because there hasn’t. Like most responses there is a whole spectrum of responses from the internet trolls who rage about women stealing their hobby and making everything worthless to the ‘white knights’ who feel the need to spend all their free time championing the rights of poor downtrodden women who can’t defend themselves without these selfless protectors. Luckily most reactions fall in between.

Women have been a part of geek culture for as long as I’ve been actively aware/ a part of it (early 1990’s) and I think it’s foolish to say they can’t come in the club house now. The best way I can think to illustrate how much this isn’t a problem is with the worst case scenario. Imagine a girl attending a comic convention dressed in a Halloween costume of Supergirl she bought. She’s walking around a convention getting her picture taken and getting people’s attention despite the fact that she knows nothing about the character. Who does it hurt that she has no idea what Supergirl’s name is? What is the harm that she’s never looked through a comic in her life? None. It doesn’t matter how familiar/ obsessed people are because if dressing up and getting their picture taken at a convention is someone’s idea of fun, the second they purchase a ticket that’s their business.

As a last note, I’ve attended a few dozen conventions in my life. I’ve taken pictures of some peoples costumes and had my picture taken at a few I dressed for. I’ve never heard anyone ask the person any questions about the character beyond “Did you make that yourself?” or “Can I get a picture?” and that’s the way it should be. If you like what a person has done with their costume and how anyone (male or female) celebrates a character you like them tell them so. Feel free to ask for that photo giving a big thumbs up with Catwoman but if you think you really know what that person truly thinks and feels about things you’ve never spoken with them over then you need to get to city hall immediately and volunteer your amazing powers to the police because the city needs you.

3 Responses to “Geek Girls Aren’t a Problem So Stop Asking”

  1. Sawyer says:

    Well put. It should also be noted that Kevin Conroy (who we all know as the voice of Bruce Timm’s Batman). Has not, and probably never will pick up a comic. We accept him as the voice of Batman, nor do we need to feel like quizzing him on his knowledge.

    Yes, he’s not an attractive lady, but I think if people are going to hold that ridiculous standard (whcih most shouldn’t and don’t that I know), we shouod hold it to everyone.

  2. Kayla Mowbray says:

    I love this so much. (I know… I’m late reading it. Lol. But I needed to catch up on everything I’ve missed with you guys.)
    You guys know me. (As well as you can having only met me twice at conventions). You know I’m a die-hard and I don’t do it for attention… Yet I still tend to get a bad rap because “girls aren’t actually into this stuff.” It hurts to be told “no” to something one is passionate about. I won’t lie… there ARE fake geek girls out there. The ones that put on cinema 3D glasses with the lenses punched out and pretend to like this stuff while, in truth, it makes them seethe inside and they’d never even CONSIDER setting foot in a convention. (I’ve met these types of girls before. They’re not too friendly to actual geeks)
    I apologize for my rambling.
    If you look at this and decide “TL;DR” then at least read this: I appreciate this more than you can imagine. And I know lot’s of other women do too.

  3. Kayla,

    First off? Late… who cares?! Read at your leisure, babe! 🙂 Second, thanks for the comment. We DO know you, and know that you’re a “real” geek-lass. And for those who aren’t… oh well. They can fake it until they make it, as far as I’m personally concerned. That being said… “TL;DR” ?

    Either we: we’re glad you’re here, you’re a fan, and that you’ll continue to be so long as we put out the awesomesauce.