Heroic Holidays: Rudolph the Red Nose Skrull!

Written on Mon, Dec 24, 2012 by Matt posted by matt

Rudolph-the-red-nose-skrullI welcome you back to this Christmas Eve edition of Heroic Holidays!  Today’s suggestion comes from somebody that the unshaven crew has known since High School (Now I feel old…) :

Eric Abarbanell!

Now his original idea was just to have Rudolph the Red Nose Skrull.  But I thought it would be funnier to do an homage to the Secret Invasion cover with some of the other characters.  Thus is born the Secret Santa!! This was the fastest sketch I’ve done and the one that took me the longest on the text alone.  Odd…

Anyway, click on the image to see it larger and leave us a comment below.  Come back tomorrow for a special Christmas post to show you who’d going to save the holidays!!!


One Response to “Heroic Holidays: Rudolph the Red Nose Skrull!”

  1. Eric Abarbanell says:

    It’s a Chanukah miracle! This is hysterical… i love it!