Heroic Holidays: Santa Vs. Dr. Doom!!!

Written on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 by Matt posted by matt

santa-vs-dr.-doomLook at that, TWO in one week. AMAZING!!! Welcome back to our monthly art theme Heroic Holidays!!!

Today we salute our fan and old friend Matt Byron for his choice of Santa vs. Victor Von Doom!!!  My original thought was to have Santa running away from Dr. Doom chanting “crap,crap,crap,crap…” but then I thought “NO WAY!”.  Why?, because Santa would put the serious hurt on Dr. D there.

Seriously though, as a comics fan, Dr. Doom wins here.  But as a DAD, Santa will always win.  Anyway, I’m hoping you like what you see.  I’ve kept my promise of better quality and more detail.  Just wait till Christmas Eve and Christmas day, those are going to be fun!

Click on the image to see it larger and let us know what you think in the comments below.  Good, bad, we just love us some sort of feedback!!

3 Responses to “Heroic Holidays: Santa Vs. Dr. Doom!!!”

  1. schwing says:

    Great piece. Santa trumps all in the month of december. I bet July is his Kryptonite.

  2. Matt Byron says:

    Best fight ever, I bet there could be awhile storyline on this! Although I’m not sure the human torch would get along with Santa very well in the fight.

  3. Ben says:

    Santa wins. Because during Christmas, good always wins. That’s the Christmas spirit. ^^