Stop Whining and Buy Your Books or Don’t

Written on Thu, Dec 20, 2012 by Kyle posted by kyle

cashI’ve commented before on my feeling about Marvel comics and the last few years where some books come in far more often than expected. Looking at my monthly purchases and schedules it became obvious that certain books would stick to a monthly schedule then suddenly start coming out every two weeks for a 2-3 month spurt (I personally experienced this with Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts/ Dark Avengers and Ultimate X-Men). This has now become the normal for some books that are being advertised as twice a month books as part of Marvel Now (Avengers, Iron Man). I’ve often commented on my disliking of this and how I wish it would stop until I took a moment to think about it and realized something- this makes me sound like an impossible to please, pissy, man-baby.

I was on the verge of complaining that books I liked and wanted to buy were coming out too frequently. Not only that but it’s the opposite of the most comic complaint for comic readers, the eternal “My books are always late” because they’re comic at an accelerated rate and I was about to complain about it. It’s true that having comics coming that quickly can become a financial burden but that’s where you do one of three things: 1. You stop buying some books, 2. You strain your jaw and drop the extra few bucks a month or 3. If you’re luck (like I am) to have a shop that will hold books for you then you just wait to buy some of them till later.

It’s only with some logic and the occasional flash of self-reflection that I can avoid blaming Marvel. I so, so want to be mad at them for wanting to take my money (I save that anger for them charging an extra $1 for a digital download that you can’t get your comics without) but what have they done wrong? They’re still paying the artist and writers per issue and with more out each month and year that means better yearly pay for these creative teams. They’ve tackled one of the all-time biggest complaints from comics by making things faster instead of slower. They’ve even made sure that the only books that have bi-monthly schedules are the biggest mainstream books that the super fans will buy no matter what (Avengers, Iron Man, X-Men) which is the right move when you’re a corporation and have a Parent Company with a mouse logo breathing down your neck for that quarterly increase in figures.

So Marvel comics, I know you never meant to hurt me. You bring great books a little too often but only because you and your bosses love me and my money. You might be getting it for fewer books for a while since I’ll be dropping some series that aren’t work $8 a month (looking at you Invincible Iron Man) but we’ll make up when you get me buying Ultron War each and every week for $3.99 from March till May.

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