Janubaby: Kirk and Boodikka!

Written on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 by Matt posted by matt

Kirk-Boodikka-It’s a new year and a new theme coming at you, Unshaven followers!!!  January contains birthdays and celebrations all around.  The Mayan’s were wrong, Aidan & Bennett where born and everybody is making resolutions they can’t stick to.

I think Kyle and Marc’s lady Kathy were born somewhere in there too, but I digress. This month’s theme is BABIES!!!  Janubaby is in honor of our son’s being born.  So we have Marc’s suggestion up first:
Baby Kirk hitting on Baby Boodikka!

It was tempting to draw a baby Spock and Bones in there too, but page space + time limit + I was hungry gave us this lovely little jewel.

As always, you can click on the image to see it larger and leave us a comment.  We’re still taking suggestions too, so come on out of the woodwork and really give us some funny ones!

3 Responses to “Janubaby: Kirk and Boodikka!”

  1. I love this so much it hurts.

  2. Schwing says:

    My suggestion would be Baby Joker teasing a Baby Batman. He won’t give him his hotwheel batmobile back.

    I got a great laugh from the Star Trek drawing. Keep up the great work.

    Where is the podcast…Have you guys been smashed by the Hulk or worse yet transfered to another universe by someone working for the manhattan projects?

  3. Marc says:

    Schwing. No… I just completely forgot to post it. It’ll be up tomorrow morning. Both parts. Mea culpa!