My Comic Hopes for 2013

Written on Thu, Jan 10, 2013 by Kyle posted by kyle

2013With a new year in comics I thought it might be fun to just go over some of the things I’m looking forward to and or hoping for in the next year.

1.       The New X-Men vs the Original X-Men. With Brian Michael Bendis at the helm I’m looking forward to these two teams eventually facing each other down. I wasn’t on board for a single X-Book at first, let alone two, but with how much I enjoyed all the clashes Bendis arranged for us with his time on the Avengers titles I think there will be some great match-ups coming out of this.

2.       Wonder Woman with the New Gods. This has been one of my favorite books from the New 52 and the addition of Orion and the promise of more to come has me incredibly excited. Of all the properties to be set back to a beginning I think the New Gods are the ones who needed it most and have the most potential with it. Add to that the amazing job Brian Azzarello has done with Greek Mythology and I can only imagine what he could do with Jack Kirby mythology.

3.       Justice League of America and the Trinity War. It’s only with rare exceptions that I pass on a major comic cross over event from the big two (Fear Itself) and no matter how much I enjoyed (Civil War) or struggled to understand (Amazon’s Attack) I usually get excited at the possibilities that come from a new event. I think it’s fair to say the events in Justice League and Justice League of America will lead us into Trinity War based on both teams being in the promo images in the FCBD book from DC. I gave Justice League a chance and dropped it after the first Arc, but with Justice League of America I feel like there is another chance to see more heores and those behind them manipulating the landscape as we approach the first big event for the New 52.

4.       Superior Spider-Man. This is a cheat since I’m not reading this book but I can’t help being curious to hear about what happens. The concept is impressive to me and the writing and art teams have gotten a lot of praise for the first issue. The idea of a villain taking over for a hero isn’t new, but the players and the way it’s being handled certainly seem refreshing. I myself stand by my opion that just like the cases of Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers, we’ll be seeing Peter Parker soon enough.

5.       The future of Image Comics. There seems to be a new renaissance going on at Image comics and I couldn’t be happier. Along with their already successful long running titles like Walking Dead, Savage Dragon and Spawn we have the recent additions of popular books like Saga (multiple reprints to the point of Imaging revising reprint rules), Thief of Thieves (may soon become an AMC series, hence a lot of interest), and Manhattan Projects (a book that just might be the craziest thing I’ve ever read). All this and there are even more books coming this year to add to the list of independent books put out by top creators.

What’s on your list of things you look forward to in 2013? Tell us in the comments!

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