Things I Dread for 2013

Written on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 by Kyle posted by kyle

Judge_dredd1After last week’s list of things I look forward to in this next year I thought it was only fair to visit the other side of this coin. Here is my list of things I’m dreading from the comic industry in 2013.

1. All of my favorite less known titles being cancelled. I’m not naive enough to think that every story I like will go on forever, or even a fulfilling conclusion. Lesser titles don’t always get the support they need and at the end of the day comic companies are still companies. I don’t like it but I understand it. That’s why I’d dreading Demon Knights, Courtney Crumrin, Manhattan Projects and Unwritten being cancelled. It might not happen but it’s going to be there all year long.

2. Marvel comics figuring out a way to make all their comics come out twice a month. I’ve ranted on this before and I’m mostly just kidding but after at least 2 years of rotating books in and out of a monthly to a twice monthly schedule Marvel now have some of their main titles (Superior Spider-Man, Iron Man, Avengers) all on a regular schedule of two times a month. If sales on these books continue to sell well, guess what the next step is? I’m betting it’s expanding the number of books doing such. It seems unfair to complain about books I want coming more frequently but I all I can see is Marvel doubling the amount I spend with them each month.

3. More arguments on print vs. digital. With only the rarest of exception I am a physical comics reader. I have a few kickstarter comics that I received digital rewards for and a comixology account with a book I couldn’t get a physical copy of in time for a book club meeting. At various times and with various people I’ve argued about the creeping influence and takeover of comics to go fully and only digital. I really don’t see that happening for too many to go into hear. Put simply: I’m tired of the argument. Print comics aren’t going away this year or any of the soon to come years. Just enjoy whichever you and enjoy and let everyone else do the same.

4. C2E2 and the New York Comic Con. This is a good form of dread but dread all the same. This year Unshaven Comics will return to C2E2 and also attend the NYCC shows not in artist alley but with our own Small Press tables. This is a big step for us since the two biggest shows of the year will feature us stepping out from a struggling artist table and setting ourselves up as the small imprint we’ve struggled to become. With a year of exciting first this is the one that will bring the most pressure for us as a company. We’ve always succeeded in artist alley and now we will be faced with whether we can do the same. I know we will but the alternatives will be in the back of my mind until the show floor closes and we all high five our success.

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