Mixed Up March: The Flash!

Written on Fri, Mar 15, 2013 by Matt posted by matt

The-FlashWhat the heck?  Something other than Podcasts!  You guys do that?!  Yes the rumors are true, we do more than just jib jaw your ear off, we actually make things.  Sorry for the long delay folks, lets just call February a wash.  Marc, Matt and Kyle where and are still busy making the best Cures of the Dreadnuts issue 2 they can.  But in the mean time (Matt’s lunch break) I bring you back the Monthly Theme: Mixed Up March!!!!

Today we have gender swap Flash suggested to you by Matt Byron.  Come to think of it, that may be all he suggests……..
Also I’m thinking of renaming Mixed up March to Rule 63 month.  By the way, if you don’t know:
Rule 63 of the Internet: For every male character, there is a female equivalent.  No exceptions!

So write us here or on our Facebook page if you have any suggestions.  Keep and eye out through the month.  I’m going to post them when I get them done, so you may see more than one a week this year!  Till next time Unshavenite’s and leave us a comment about today’s stuff!

2 Responses to “Mixed Up March: The Flash!”

  1. Kschwing says:

    That is a mighty fine flash. How about a male dazzler or a female wolverine. Or how about an adult robin with a kid slide kick batman.

  2. Kschwing says:

    I think the unshaven crew got lost in an endless green beer! There could be worse ways to disappear off of the face of the earth