The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 94.1!

Written on Mon, Apr 8, 2013 by Marc posted by marc

Episode 94, and it’s back to the grind, kiddos! We deal up a set of mostly sad news this week… having lost Roger Ebert, Carmine Infantino, and a handful of other great contributors to our medium (and others). But, we do get a bit more chipper when it comes time for comic reviews. After a few weeks of bad times with Swampy and Animal Man, Marc is back on their respective band wagons. Kyle is up AND down on the X-men. Matt sends some love out Justice League’s way, as well as to Andy Diggle’s short-loved stint on Action Comics.

Kick back, relax, and unwind. Let our dulcimer tones coddle your ear holes with pure geekery. And in case you’re new to our neck of the interwebs, do us a solid, and let us know what you think!

The Unshaven Rant-Cast, April 8th (part 1), 2013:

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