Month of Steel: Doomsday!

Written on Wed, Jun 5, 2013 by Matt posted by matt

Doomsday-webWell look at that, a new month and a new theme!  This is going to be sweet this June as we celebrate the Man of Steel movie with Month of Steel!  The rules for the theme are pretty easy:

1: Suggest your favorite version of Superman’s outfit or your favorite Superman.

2: Your favorite Superman Villain and or version of that villain.

First up we have from Mr. Shawn Norton who wanted to see our version of Doomsday!  True be told, this is from a collection/project I participated in where the gentleman wanted the artist interpretation of Doomsday.  His only request was that it wasn’t the DC Style Guide version.  While the book is beautiful and the versions in it are amazing, this was my offering to that book.
I just wanted to show how Doomsday is not really a villain, just a force of nature that just kind of happens.  There’s no planning for it, just trying to survive it.  This little pretty is painted in gouache and watercolors.

So I hope you folks like it.

In other news, Marc and I will be at Heroes Con in Charlotte this weekend.  Come on out and say hi to us.  We’ll be in Artist Alley towards the corner by the restrooms, Booth 1908.
We’ll be there selling Samurnauts and doing sketches.  Marc will do his Domo’s and I’ll be drawing whatever you want.  Cherise our Yellow Samurnaut will be replacing Kyle this trip, so come out and cheer her on.

One Response to “Month of Steel: Doomsday!”

  1. Schwing says:

    Favorite version of the suit is Supes suit from Godfall.

    My favorite villain would be the Cyborg superman so maybe a Cyborg Superman in the Godfall suit. Kill 2 birds with one stone.