The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 118!

Written on Sun, Jan 12, 2014 by Marc posted by marc

G.I. Matt! Thomas Wayne vs. Guyver?!

On episode 118:

We’ve got the news… like the return of Dennis Cowan’s art! Wonder Woman a Kryptonian! Image gain power! Then? We’ve got some reviews of comics. Green Lantern #27, Avengers World #1, Detective Comics #27, and Ultimate Spider-Man. After that Kyle celebrates a Spider-Man “Why I Was Right”,  Marc’s “Unshaven Colosseum” pits Flashpoint’s Batman against the Guyver, and then Matt reboots G.I. Joe. Sound like fun? You bet your sweet bippy it is. Tune in, and please COMMENT!!!

The Unshaven Rant-Cast, January 13th, 2013:

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