C2E2 2014 Indy Comic Reviews

Written on Fri, May 23, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

The Sires of Time #1
Story and Art by J.M. Dragunas
The Sires of Time begins with the familiar legend of King Arthur and the knights of Camelot against the threat of Morgana Le Fay. The difference here is that instead of focusing on the traditional characters of Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere we are following the story of four of the round tables knights. With out giving too much of the story away these knights fail to protect the castle while Arthur is away and must find away to correct their mistake.
The first issue makes for a good introduction to the important characters and sets up the differences in their character and motivations while still leaving questions open for exploration over what could be some incredible adventures to come.
The one thing must must be addressed with this issue is the art. The art feels like your looking at painstaking engravings, detailed landscapes and even ancients medieval crests on every page. This does a wonderful job of setting a tone for a story of knights and heroism against darker forces. If I were to look for one thing that needs improvement it’s that some of the facial expressions might need more detail but for a story staring four men in full plate mail, I don’t see that being a huge concern.
I look forward to the release of future issues for this series and hope it can bring the same level of adventure and excitement the first issue brought.

The Brothers James #1-3, from Challenger Comics
Story by Ryan Ferrier, Art by Michael Walsh
If you like 1970’s grindhouse features or even just good old fashioned revenge stories then this is a story for you. This story focuses on two brothers set on getting blood revenge and satisfaction for a tragedy the suffered as children and are dead set on seeing through to the end.
There’s a definite level of violence in each issue but none of it feels forced or gratuitous. The best part is that the story also doesn’t go to the point of being a simple violent revenge fantasy for the sake of violence. The two main characters suffer setbacks, mistakes in their planning and even unexpected allies and enemies along the way making for a better story.
I picked up the first 3 issues for an amazing deal and will be sure to watch for the rest. Definitely for more mature readers but if you like an good fight or seeing terrible people getting what they’ve got coming, do not miss this story.

Jack B #1 by Visual Verbosity
Story and Art by Greg Garay
The premise for this series is simple and catching “Roller Derby in the Sky”. The first issue comes in a little short at only 11 pages but it does set you clearly on the life of the main characters and the world he’s living in. The first issue sets up for clear action on the way for the next issue but leaves you wanting to see more. The second issue will be a chance to see if the story can live up to the potential the book has.
The art has a very fluid style with what feels like no straight lines. There feels like real movement and motion on every page. This has some great potential for action sequences if we ever get to them.

Underneath #4 from Spinner Rack Comics
Story by Tom Stillwell, Art by Jim Terry
The final issue of the 4 part series comes to a huge climax in the fight for the future of Chicago. This series appeals to native Chicagoans for its references to the city itself but builds a unique mythology in it’s history for every reader. Previous issues gave glimpses into the real reasons for events such as the great Chicago fire and how they really relate to the villainous Trolls those living beneath the city protect humanity from.
The art conveys a lot of emotion around the issue including the usage of shadow for a lot of the darker moments. The facial expressions are what struck me the most. You can see the anger, confusion and even solemness written across each characters face.
A great short story to have around. Worth owning for wherever you live, a must for Chicagoans.

Touching Evil #3-4 from Beardo Comics
Story and Art by Dan Dougherty, Colors by Wesley Wong
Initially I thought of this as a horror story but the further in you get the more I see it as a psychological drama. Supernatural elements certainly play a part but the conflicts of the characters and the things they do are what the story is really about. We started with a story about a sad man in a cell who can kill people by just touching them, but with that power passed to a lawyer who doesn’t full understand what this is or how to control it we get a fascinating tale where you really don’t know who to trust.
The third and forth issues them selves turned me around on the nature of the series. What first appeared to be to be a series that wouldn’t be able to continue past 5-6 issues has opened a lot of new doors and proved it can build itself a back story that is incredibly intriguing and worth waiting for more.
If you enjoy series with a good hint of mysticism but still focus on building tension and betrayal then this series is for you.

Rainbow in the Dark #5-9
Story and Art by Adam Withers and Comfort Love
It’s impossible to talk about the ending of this series, or really any of it, without addressing the deeper themes and messages it contains. The simple ideas that happiness can mean many things, that love can be the most powerful you will ever encounter, that trading freedom for safety is a poor judgement, that conformity without question or dissent is a losing position. Like most stories and themes, these have have all been covered before but this story still finds a way to turn and make them new again
The story of a single person that the world needed and waited for to help them is something we’ve seen countless times but here we see that the good and evil characters intertwined in a way I haven;t seen before.
The art here has a bright quality that seems to fit perfectly with the overall tone of the story. So much that even the black and white segments seem full of life. For those that prefer books with a happier tone and something beyond a simple battle for good and evil this is a perfect series.

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