Dungeons and Dragons Groups are Packs of Murder Hobos

Written on Fri, May 2, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

I meet with 2 regular roleplaying groups. One cycles through different games and GM’s every couple of meetings to keep things fresh and the other is running what should be a couple years spanning epic campaign of Pathfinder. For those unfamiliar with Pathfinder, it’s essentially Dungeons and Dragons with some of the different sets of rules from the 3rd edition types cherry picked.

During one of the missions for our Pathfinder group we were sent word of an evil Governor of a small island town who had begun worshipping evil, sacrificing villagers and doing all types of dastardly deeds. Being the heroes that my Paladin and the other heroes were, we went to the island, broke into the mansion and eventually killed the evil governor and his evil wife. Afterwards we looted the house and turned it into our group’s new base of operations on that island.

It was part of this aftermath that really started the conversation about the nature of Pathfinder / D&D groups. When you look at a typical group for a game like this you have a diverse group of people all with various skill sets. They travel all the time mostly staying in taverns or sleep in the tents they bring around with them. They take jobs or missions for money and whenever they get in a fight they are happy to kill whatever they encounter and take any money or valuables. If one of them are killed the first thing to typically happen is everyone who survives will divy up items from the new corpse.

Now think about the actions taken here like a real person who is alive today. What would you think of a group of people who act like this today? Word gets around about a bad guy with a big house. A bunch of people with no employment or residences, all brandishing weapons, head there. They break in for the explicit purpose of killing him and taking his possessions and home. Murderous hobos.

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