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Written on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

Nutmeg #1 from Nutmeg Comics
Written and Illustrated by Jackie Crofts and James F. Wright
The story for Nutmeg was first pitched to me as ‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Betty and Veronica’ and after reading the first issue I’d have to agree. The story begins by giving us a glimpse to where the story is going before moving back to the beginning forcing the reader to wonder how things could end up so far away.
The story takes place in a Jr High school setting within a cozy suburban surrounding. The characters are given dimension right away from little things, like twinges from having their names questioned, to being territorial about brownie baking competitions. The world and characters are built up a little more with almost every interaction without being too much.
The art has a subdued quality without feeling flat. The color tones keep simple adding to the feel for the book. We’re getting a slice of life type story in a small friendly location and the art keeps it that way.
I’d recommend this for fans of small town stories or younger characters coming of age. Thing Pretty Little Liars with less of an edge.

Amala’s Blade TPB from Dark Horse
Written by Steve Horton and Illustrated by Michael Dialynas
Amala’s blade follows a girl named Amala who claims to be one of the best fighters alive. Set in a country divided and at war she works as an assassin killing people on both sides. The story has elements of steampunk, political intrigue and more than a fair share of violence.
The setting of a war going on between magic and technology has always been a favorite of mine. The movement back and forth of that along with all the other settings we get like pirate ships, crowded taverns and even dank dungeons ad on to what is easily a fun adventure story. It is a little heavy on violence and death, but if you can handle that, then this is a perfect book for any adventure fan.
I’d recommend this for people who like Legend of Korra, or fantasy/ steampunk fans.

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