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Written on Fri, Jun 6, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

Oddly Normal #1
Written and Illustrated by Otis Frampton
Described by the author when I bought it as similar to Alice in Wonderland, the story about a girl named Oddly Normal (yes that is her name with unfortunate reason) does a great job getting right in with an unhappy life. It’s from that perspective that you will see all the reminders as to why children have such a hard time at that point in their lives. The difficulties of navigating school or any situation is bad enough, but when you’re a half witch with a strange name who feels hurt when walking in the rain it is even worse.
The art style has a rounded and even cartoonishness to it. With the type of story being told it seems a strong fit. With any luck there will be a few less normal creatures to really test the art style as the story goes on.
Highly recommended for anyone who likes stories of children getting into impossible situations like Spirited Away or many of Miyazaki’s works.

Siamese #1 from Janus Comics
Written by Lucas Munson and Illustrated by Jack Kotz
A scifi story set in a world where classes have literally walled themselves away from each other. The rich and powerful have long sealed themselves inside powerful dome cities to protect them from the hard conditions the world has decayed into. The lesser classes were forced outside to scavenge and survive. Generations later an excavator is cut off from his military escort outside the dome.
This book is great for fans of scifi that like a little social commentary with their story. Some of the themes have been tackled before but the way they are presented here keeps things interesting along with more than a few lingering questions about society itself.
The black and white art work does a great job giving the world a sense of filth outside the dome while also giving an almost sinister feeling the the rich/ clean life on the inside.
This book would be great for fans of science fiction like Logan’s Run.

Sanguine Knights
Written by David Jensen and Illustrated by Jack Montgomery
A post apocalyptic story about a human settlement that is attacked by vampires only to be defend to two unlikely protectors. The setup for this first of three parts goes by quickly enough. The world around the characters is almost as interesting as what is going one. We have multiple levels of vampires with Dracula at the top and brutish almost ogre looking creatures at the bottom. The main villain is somewhere in between he sets his sights on a preacher within the human settlement.
The art for this story is a huge selling point. It’s very reminiscent of classic Heavy Metal stories on how things have an almost animated feel. The actions flows well and makes good effort to moments like characters disappearing into the shadows.
Great book for fans of Heavy Metal Magazine or Conan for the action.

Gods of Asgard
Adapted and Illustrated by Erik Evensen
This book covers over 20 Norse myths in less than 150 pages and certainly feels that way. The pages aren’t so much dense as it feels like every story moves at a quick pace. We’re introduced to characters only to immediately see them attacking, marrying, laughing, tricking and celebrating each other. It takes a little getting used to the pacing to remember that isn’t one long full narrative by a series of eventful moments that had time in between. Once you’ve taken hold of that you’re in force interesting stories that I’ve you an idea what the gods of another culture used to get up to.
The art work has a strong use of dark full lines that makes it a little difficult to tell characters apart at first. Once you get used to the differences in design it gets easier. Past that the scale and layout make sure you don’t miss anything from giants capturing characters in sacs to magic cloaks turning people completely into birds.
Perfect for anyone who liked quick stories or anthologies and any fans of other mythologies like Greek myths.

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