I’m Enjoying Creator Owned Books So Much

Written on Fri, Jul 25, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

I tend to monitor my comic buying habits a lot. This is done partly to keep my fiancee from realizing just how many I buy and in part to keep an eye on what I’m enjoying and what I am not. The last 3 years I’ve noticed that the big two are slowly dropping away and being replaced with more titles from Image, IDW, Boom and elsewhere. Especially mini series and maxi series.
It’s been a long standing joke with my friends that comics and wrestling are soap operas for men. That instead of General Hospital we watch Spider-Man fight Dr Octopus. I recently saw this as much more than a joke as I realize how similar the two are. Most big main stream comics retain their status quo and characters for as long as possible to hold readers. The writing may have the occasional shake up but with only the occasional ending of a big story line things continue to blend from one event to the next to keep everyone engaged in a never ending cycle.
Compare this to shows written with a definite beginning middle and end in mind. It may go for a while but with a strong character based story where you know what you want to show and how you have a better chance of creating Breaking Bad instead of As the World Turns. Image, IDW, Dynamite, Boom are all making these types of series. They’ve also had the increases in number of titles and the fact that they can stay in business to prove these titles are working.
The most exciting part of all of this is that it’s not just readers like me who are showing an interest in smaller creator owned series. Beloved creators like Kurt Busiek, Warren Ellis and Rick Remender all had new titles announced at Image Expo recently. Grant Morrison is going to Boom Studios along with the Mark Waid returning to them with a new series. More and more well know mainstream creators are embracing short and long run titles with smaller press so they can create something new. So they can tell stories they want to tell.
When you watch a long running show with characters that have been around for years you have an understanding of what to expect. Jack Bower isn’t getting blown up mid season. Dr House wasn’t getting fired in season 4. You change your expectations to ‘how will they get through this?’ not just ‘will they?’
With these new series anything can happen. With a few of these writers I’d say that’s exactly what we’re in for. Comparing mainstream to small isn’t exactly apples to apple and I’m not going to put down either type, they’re too good and too proven to deserve criticism from me. I’m just stating their is one I would definitely prefer to see compared to the other.

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