A Conflict of my Interests

Written on Fri, Aug 22, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

There’s an ethical quandary that I’ve been faced with recently. When looking at a narrative can and should you be impacted by the personal views of the writer? Should their views or even actions keep you from enjoying or even reading the story? Shouldn’t it be easy to take story or any art for that matter and judge it on it’s own simple merit, then why is it so hard for some creators.

I can only speak for myself now and can’t tell anyone else what to do but II think I’ve made peace with the idea of reading books by someone I dislike for good reasons. For the longest time I had a hard line in the sand and declared that any who appeared to cross who have to go on without my money and that was it. The biggest problem with this is I myself an terribly inconsistent and have a habit of changing my mind. Add to that the way rumor, misunderstanding, reinterpretation of events and other spinning of history can go and your left with the strong possibility that you (or me) don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.
There’s also the real truth that terrible people can also be creative. I’ve followed films from writers and directors that are supposed to be very difficult to work with. Finding anyone who wasn’t a blook relative with kind words from working with Stanley Kubrick is near impossible, but you need to let their work stand for itself. Is it fair to do less for a comic creator?

I’m a big believer in karma. That terrible people will always be the instrument of their own downfall somehow. If they create something that has a chance of being good then I would prefer to read it. If they continue to truly be terrible then they won’t be able to help pissing it all away somehow. I can only hope that in the meantime I’ll have a story on my shelf I believe belongs there on it’s own merits.

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