Bring on Big Hero Six

Written on Fri, Aug 8, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

With the flurry of Marvel movies coming out right now one that nearly snuck under the radar until promotional material started coming out was the Disney animate film Big Hero Six. This family friendly movie is taking a old and under used series from Marvel and completely putting the Disney computer animated spin on it. It’s tempting to say that as a concept this sounds bad but when you look at what Disney has done with computer animation the last few years, is it?

Even without Pixar in the picture over the last few years you have a roster that includes Frozen, Tangled and Wreck It Ralph. That’s an impressive list of popular accomplishments and now they’re able to take ideas and stories from a large pool of characters and stories that have been tested and used in the market for years.
Until people noticed this movie’s comic connection I had never heard of Big Hero Six. Going through it doesn’t sound like anything we haven’t seen elsewhere with a group of people with strange and unique powers trying to save the day. Making them more child friendly was never a stretch and they are little enough known that no one is likely to mind if the location for the original story or the characters names and powers are changed up.

I typically hate when a comic is made into a movie and doesn’t stay true to the original story (ask me about Wanted sometime) but in this case I see so much potential that I’m willing to let that go. Not only because this is such a small property but because of what it can mean if it’s successful. With Disney owning Marvel that means they could give this same treatment to any other small unused property. It also means that the same could be said for the larger properties. Would the world be ready for an animated movie for the Power Pack? Cloak and Dagger? Or any of the other dozens and dozens or under rated characters in Marvels catalog?

The other question this all raises is could we see Disney’s capacity to crank out animated sequels used on Marvel properties? Marvel and DC both already have a history or putting out direct to DVD animated features. DC has been going strong for years while Marvel has slowed comparatively. Could Disney’s operation change all of that along with a line of Disney/ Marvel animated features kicking it all off? Time will tell but even with it as only a possibility, I’m very excited to see how it starts and when it goes.

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