Lady Thor

Written on Fri, Aug 15, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

Why I ask that question I don’t just mean why are people talking about it like a controversy, I mean why is it even a headline? Multiple people have held Thor’s Mjolnir over the year. We’ve had a Alien, a frog, and even a Kryptonian. It’s usually just chalked up like the fact that over 20 people have been on the Fantastic Four. For the first time we will see a woman holding the power of Thor despite that fact that Loki already did a stint without a Y chromosome back before the Dark Reign, so why is this suddenly a big deal?

The only controversy I’ve been able to see is if this is actually Thor turned female or if it’s someone new. Thor isn’t exactly a title but the character’s name and identity. So does this mean he’s becoming female somehow? With some future we’ve had hints of in the current avenger’s book by Jonathan Hickman it seems more like Thor has fallen out of the worth category and someone has stepped into his shoes. The inscriptions does say whomsoever is worthy shall wield the power of Thor.

It seems far more likely that once Thor falls someone else will simply step into his shoes and after being judged as worthy will take it as a title along with his powers. It’s far less confusing that have another character walking around called Thor Girl (thanks Avengers: The Initiative). It also give’s use some new stories by changing up a character’s status quo in a big way. It’s no different than Doctor Octopus taking over Peter Parker’s mind and body or Bucky Barnes taking Captain America’s mantle after his assassination.

Much like those stories (and every time a major character is killed for a while) this will ultimately be the story of how does the Odinson redeem himself and take back his hammer. If we are lucky the new Thor will provide us with months of new stories and ideas. If she’s lucky she might even stick around to evolve and change after it’s all over.

Back to the main question- after all of that why isn’t the new Thor news worthy with the actual changes coming and potential for the future? Because like changing Dr. octopus into Spider-Man, Bucky into Cap, killing the Human Torch or X-Men coming from the future wth a warning- it’s all been done before. If every plot point that will eventually just get dealt with is now earth shattering news, then the effect wears off and eventually nothing is.

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