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Written on Fri, Sep 5, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

Morningstar #1
The initial story of reading the fall of Lucifer reflected as a western where he’s the sheriff of a small town is a tempting one. The story of pride leading to downfall is a popular one and with a different setting it seems like an interesting combinations with lots of possibilities.
The issue I had was that the story took things a little to literal. In this story Heaven is presented as a small town populated by townsfolk of actual winged angels. Men, women and children with wings and angelic names living in small wooden houses surrounded by dense forest that is populated by Demons that are all to eager to eat any angel they come across.
The art style is good for a western story it’s just confusing to read something that can’t decide if it wanted to be reference or literal. Morningstar would have been better served if it picked a literal retelling or creating a cast and setting that can reflect it in a new light. This misses the chance to do both.

Accelerators #1
I am a sucker for a good time travel story, especially when it has a beginning like this one. A giant and dirty colosseum with robot drones forcing fighters and warriors from ages going all the way back to cavemen is one hell of an opening. From there we catch up with the main events leading to such a grime future.
With jumps through time starting in the 1970’s to the 1990’s we get some glimpses of the past with references to the culture of the time including a laughable look at what were popular hair cuts of the 1990’s. Ultimately we end with two people accidentally out of time and trying not to cause any more damage to time itself thrust into a terror that is at least partially of their making.
This is an effective opening issue that sets rules for how and even why about time travel with just enough believable science to keep it from feeling to hokey. I recommend this for anyone who likes time travel stories like Back to the Future or the Terminator.

Plume vol. 1
Just as a matter of full disclosure I wouldn’t have purchased this if I had know it was a webcomic. I have had some bad experiences with buying books that started out as webcomics and was concerned after learning more after I’d paid for this one. The idea of an old west set story with the existence of magic was enough to get me on board for the first volume.
A young girl discovers that a necklace given to her by her father summons a magical protector who is less than thrilled to be bound in such a way for the last few centuries. From there it becomes a story of lies, revenge and mystery with a lot more magical artifacts thrown in.
With a fun and deep cast of interesting characters this series is certain worth the free read you can get online. It may also be the first webcomic collection I’m proud to display on my shelf.

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