Marvel Isn’t Getting It’s Movie Licenses Back. Ever.

Written on Fri, Sep 19, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

It’s fair to say that this Summer has been quite a success for Marvel movies. With something from the X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America and unexpected fortune for Guardians of the Galaxy the people at Marvel have a lot to celebrate. The one important this to remember is that all of this success isn’t just due to only one studio. With the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four at Fox and the rights to Spider-Man with Sony their is a lot of the millions brought in to spread around.
With rumor constantly abounding that Marvel is attempting to get the rights to all of their characters back it’s important to remember why that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. Looking over the numbers on boxofficemojo.com you can see how much money each movie has brought in world wide over the years. Sony has brought in over $3.95 Billion between 2002 ans 2014. Sony has brought in $619 Million from the two Fantastic Four movies and $3.04 Billion from the X-Men movies between 2000 and 2014. Marvel may have brought in $6.87 of their own between 2008 and 2014, making then the fastest and most efficient, but a billion dollar franchise is a lot for anyone to willingly give up.
The thing about having the rights with multiple studios is that it also gives us the advantage of more movies for every year. Marvel releases on average 2 movies a year and only goes as high as three within the next 4 years. Despite having the bulk of all of Marvel’s characters at their disposal they still move at a steady pace without saturating or over extending their studio. The other studios are able to work separately and independently without the same resources being needed for multiple locations. With all 4 movies that came out this Summer, it seems proven that multiple movies released over the Summer isn’t enough to make audiences feel tired of seeing super heroes.
The other reason this benefits audiences is that it leads to diversity of story telling. Marvel has a unique set of characters and has had directors that were able play to the strengths of their characters they featured. This is good news but they aren’t alone. Brian Singer has taken helm of the X-Men movies with a lot of success that Fox has no interest in letting go. Along with bringing on directorial talent behind Chronicle for the Fantastic Four it shows a commitment to making both properties as successful as possible. This is a looking to be a great example of competition being good for the market place. When everyone works their hardest for moviegoer money that means the audience wins.
It’s sad to think that we may never see Spider-man join the Avengers or the Hulk and the Thing fighting over who’s the strongest. The important thing to remember is that a lot of these characters all have fascinating stories that have been told and can now be translated to a new medium for years to come.

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