Circular Story Telling

Written on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

I’ve go the first 6 issues of 4 different volumes of Batgirl. Each time I’ve purchased it I’ve thought it was interesting enough to keep going. Caine, Brown and even Gordon all had a tough time keeping my interest. The one time I found myself completely and committed was when it was a limited series, Batgirl Year One. Batgirl has always felt to gritty and angry to me. Batman deserves to have those qualities but for someone who first discovered Batgirl in the Batman animated series I always associated her with more fun.
I’m excited to see a Batgirl that is not just done by an indy writer but also about a character who is about more than just grit and angst. My first instinct is to site Hawkeye as being the inspiration for what’s happening. The change in design and tome along with the inclusion of texts, perspectives differences and a new landscape in the’trendier’ part of town makes me excited for a Batgirl with a life outside the war on crime.
More and more over time I’ve found myself moving away from books at DC because they lacked the ability to be fun when you read them. Suicide Squad, Superman and Teen Titans all lost me because they wanted to be deep and edgy instead of something that made people smile when they read it. Batgirl looks like of the first of hopefully many at DC that will change things around. I’d hoped that Ales Kot would do the same with Suicide Squad but with him leaving after less than 5 issues that never came to pass. Hopefully other books like Secret Six backed by Gail Simone’s dark sense of humor will help.

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