Write It Down

Written on Fri, Oct 31, 2014 by Kyle posted by kyle

The most commonly given piece of advice to aspiring writers from nearly every source I’ve have encountered usually takes some form of the following: Write every day. That’s it, just continue to write something and keep at it until it’s edited, improved or just finished at all. While this suggestion is repeated far less I’ve always preferred to make sure I just write every day but also make sure I write down every idea.
Over 15 years ago I purchased a small but thick personal notebook and began writing in it. I wrote story ideas, short scenes, dialogue, story titles, anything I could think of. This is a bit of a creative journal of ideas I’ve had for years. It’s not the only tool like this I use but it is the most common. This is the book that is around when I sleep in case I wake up wth something and more importantly it’s something I can go back to years later and return to old ideas. So far I’ve completed 4 scripts from old ideas there, one of which was the first issue of Disposable Razors.
Most of these ideas happened at unexpected times and were written on everything from scrap paper to restaurant napkins. No matter where it was done the important thing is that it was put down. One of the biggest lies a writer or anyone can tell themselves is “I’ll definitely remember this for later”. You might remember it but having a back up of months or even years will allow you to come up with new things instead, or even get a look at the evolution of your creative abilities.

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