About Us

Unshaven Comics was forged in a mighty fire of lifelong friendship.  What started out as pipe dreams discussed over the junior high school lunch table, has become that which the boys never thought would be;  Unshaven Comics has become a legitimate independent publisher of original comic books. Late in 2006, Marc Alan Fishman, Matt Wright, and Kyle Gnepper were commissioned to create an original graphic novel. Knowing that three unknown names would do nothing for the populace in general, the boys decided a unified company name and swanky logo would unite people behind this odd amalgamation of talent. In May of 2008, Unshaven Comics brought it’s first book, The March: Crossing Bridges in America to the world (and convention tables of Chicago). Shortly thereafter, the boys hunger to create grew… thus Unshaven Comics launched into it’s present mission: To make comic books, make friends, and gain a legion of fans.

But what’s the deal with the facial hair?

Matt Wright

Graduating from the American Academy of Art in 2004, with a major in Illustration, Matt is the artistic backbone to the all of the unshaven comics. Matt’s comic career started with penciling all the characters in “The March: Crossing Bridges in America”. He then moved onward and upward providing pencils and inks to the interior pages on “Disposable Razors” 1 and 2. Not happy with just being a black and white man… Matt will be painting 1/2 of the artwork in the forthcoming “Disposable Razors” issue 3. In addition to his artist duties, Matt has contributed story work for “the White”, and is always deeply involved in all design aspects of on-page art.

Aside from his pencil, ink, and painting prowess, Matt is a devoted husband to his wife Amy. He and Amy live with their two cats, Autumn and Ziggy, in the south suburbs of Chicago. When not working on comics, Matt is an avid connoisseur of beers, a fine player of video games, and an amateur handy man to boot.  And when it comes to the facial hair, Matt’s rarely without his trademark Van Dyke. Duringthe Chicago Bear’s post seasons, and burly winters, the Van Dyke has been known to power up into a mighty full beard.

Marc Alan Fishman

Digital Art / Words

From the hallowed halls of the Herron School of Art (at Indiana University in Indianapolis, of course) comes Marc Alan Fishman. Graduating with BFA in General Fine Arts, with a minor of creative writing, Marc brings a loaded backpack full of talents to Unshaven Comics. As an artist, Marc has contributed the covers to all of the studio’s comics, as well as digital coloring and lettering. In addition to the laying, graphic design, and cover detail, Marc has also contributed written work as well… writing the on-page script for “The March: Crossing Bridges in America” as well as scripts for “the White”, “Ironside: Living Will Is The Best Revenge” and other features in  the “Disposable Razors” series.

When Marc isn’t chained to a computer, he’s happily chained to his wonderful wife Kathy. Marc and Kathy live with their two cats, Joey and Buster, in the south suburbs of Chicago… literally 3 minutes away from Matt and Amy. Marc is an admitted addict to Diet Coke and Gummy Bears, as well as a video game enthusiast, guitar player, and graphic designer. Only the last hobby pays any bills though. Folliclely speaking, Marc used to rock a mighty pair of mutton chops… but over time, they grew to love one another so much, they united to form Marc’s mighty beard. He’s grown accustomed to it though… so it stays.

Kyle Gnepper

Stories / Production

With his BA in English, specializing in Creative Writing, Kyle is both the unshaven wordsmith and seller extraordinaire. Graduating in 2004 at IUPUI, alongside Marc, Kyle began his career in sales much to the surprise of his unshaven cohorts. But it would be this oddly chosen day job that ultimately transformed Kyle from more than just a writer of wit. Kyle also is quite adept at peddling the wares of Unshaven Comics at every comic convention the boys attend.

Kyle’s skills don’t end at pitching from the table. He’s also a fantastic writer. Helping to structure “The March: Crossing Bridges in America”, as well as writing scripts like “Chasing Daylight” and more forthcoming tales in “Disposable Razors”… Kyle never ceases to produce stories for the company. In addition to his wordsmithing, Kyle’s been known to assist in color flatting and file creation… helping Marc turn raw pages and words into final comps.

When he’s not scribbling down story ideas into composition notebooks, scrawling on scads of note cards, or taking mental notes on new story ideas… Kyle likes to sip Mountain Dew, play an occasional video game, and meticulously bag, board, and file away his mighty comic collection. Kyle’s sported far too many facial hair configurations to list on this website… but we assure you… his perpetual five-o’clock shadow suits him just fine.